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Buyers - Rent to Buy Program

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Are you paying rent for the house you live in?

Is your rent money credited towards owning the house (you live in) itself, or are you simply paying off your landlord’s Ferrari?

Stop paying dead rent money today! Take part in our Rent to Buy Program and make your hard earned pounds count towards building your financial future.

The Rent to Buy Program allows you to rent one of our properties for an agreed period of time before deciding if you would like to buy it.

How it works

  1. Find the home you want from our list of properties
  2. You pay the “Get Started Money” - typically a minimum of 3% of the property’s purchase price
  3. “Rent” this home for an agreed period of time e.g. 4 years
  4. Part of your weekly “rent” payments are credited towards the price of your home
  5. Choose to buy the home at any time during the agreed time period – the price is fixed before you move in

Whilst you have the right to buy the property at the fixed price within the agreed time period, you can choose not to buy it. This  provides you with lots of flexibility and peace of mind.

Purpose of the Rent to Buy Program

Our Rent to Buy Program is designed to:

  1. Help you save a deposit towards owning a home of your own
  2. Give you an opportunity to get onto the property ladder – the property purchase price is fixed from day one, giving you time to save a deposit without being affected by property price increases. This offers you enormous benefits! For example: if we sell you a property for £169,000 and you choose to buy it within the agreed time frame, and the property has increased in value to £179,292 we still sell it to you for £169,000...so you get to keep the increase in value!
  3. Enable you to “try before you buy” - you get to see if you like the home, the neighbours and the area
  4. Give you flexibility, as you are not in any way committed to buying the property - if you find that the home is not for you, you are welcome to shake our hand and just walk away

Who can take part in the Rent to Buy Program

  • Renters who would prefer to put their “rent” money towards owning their own home
  • People new to the UK
  • People with impaired credit history
  • People who don’t have an established credit history
  • People who can’t afford to put down a large deposit as required by the bank
  • Self employed people who earn good income, but cant get mortgages
  • Anyone who wants to own a home of their own TODAY

What You Need

We want to make it easy and affordable for you to own a home of your own today, but there are a few basic requirements you will need before you purchase one of our homes:

  1. A job
  2. The amount of “Get Started Money” required for the property you’re interested in buying
  3. The ability to comfortably make the weekly payments
  4. The ability to move into your new home within just a few weeks

It is very important that you are in a comfortable enough financial position to make your “Get Started” payment and to meet your weekly payments, as home ownership is usually a long term financial commitment.

Other important information

The process uses standard Rent to Own legal documents, which are drawn up by solicitors acting on behalf of the Buyer (your solicitor) and the Seller (our solicitor).

You have the right but not the obligation to buy the home at any time during the agreed period of time of the Rent to Buy Program.

The property purchase price is fixed for the agreed period of time of the Rent to Buy Program, which means you will benefit from any improvements you make to the property as well as any property price increases. These factors may make it easier for you to achieve a home loan should you decide to purchase the property within the agreed period of time.

You can make the property yours from the day you move into it.

What to do next

Register to Buy - fill out the form and let us know the type of home you're looking to buy so you can get onto the property ladder.

Contact Nathan or Rachel to arrange a viewing time to see your new home. There is nothing scary about dealing with us - we are a friendly brother and sister team, a couple of totally happy-to-help Aussies!

Or send us an email. We look forward to helping you take that exciting first step onto the property ladder today.

Property Type:
2 bed flat
Property Purchase Price:
Get Started Money:
Payment Balance:
Weekly "rent" you pay:
Weekly Deposit Contribution from you:
Your Total Weekly Payments:
(Weekly "Rent"+Weekly Deposit Contribution)
£235 per week
Our Weekly Gift Payment:
£86.54 per week
We credit you Our Weekly Gift Payment amount to help you buy your new home faster
A Typical Situation After 2 Years

You’ve been living in the property for 2 years now. During this time, you’ve cleaned up the property and given it some TLC. You decide that you’d like to proceed with purchasing the property and you need to get a bank loan, for which you will still need a deposit.

By the end of 2 years, you will have accumulated the 20% deposit needed to get a loan to make this home your own.

This is how you’ve done it:

Capital appreciation
(% increase in property value per year)
(based on 3%)
Value increase as a result of TLC
Your Original Get Started Money
YOUR Total Weekly Deposit Contributions
(£45 x 52 wks x 2 yrs)
OUR Total Weekly Gift Payment
(£86.54 x 52 wks x 2 yrs)
Your Additional Personal Savings over 2 years

£33,972 (20% of purchase price)




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